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Say Hello to One Southside!

Southside is building a state-of-the-art clinic at the heart of East Lake Street in Minneapolis, MN. Providing exceptional quality care to our patients is our number one goal, and you can help us achieve it!


Exterior View 
10th Avenue S, looking east

Help us make One Southside a reality

The $30 million, 30,000 sq/ft integrated health community clinic will be located within the historically significant East Lake Street community of South Minneapolis, a medically underserved community adjacent to the Allina Healthcare Campus.


The facility will allow Southside to serve more people and extend hours of operations, while expanding and delivering all services offerings under one roof, better meeting the needs of patients and the community.

Southside is seeking donations to help bring the One Southside clinic to the community of East Lake Street. If you would like to contribute or find out how you can get involved please contact

Every Donation Makes a Difference.

Thank You to Our Partners & Donors!

Public / Private partnerships are essential for a community-driven project such as this. Your support can help bring affordable and exceptional primary care to the underserved community of East Lake Street.

We are Southside.

What We Do At Southside Clinic.

Southside Clinic is a kaleidoscope: 

unapologetically inclusive, reflective of the diverse neighborhood it serves, while providing space for healing and the highest quality of care. 

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, our focus is on bringing that care to those who need it most, and to those who may not otherwise be able to access quality care. 

The One Southside Project will allow us to continue meeting and exceeding our mission of delivering exceptional care, removing barriers and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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Get In Touch


(mid 2025)

1010 East Lake St

Minneapolis, MN 55407


Ann Cazaban

Executive Director

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