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Employment At Southside

Southside is hiring! Interested in joining the team? Download a job application form from below, fill it out with your information, and email us at​.

Current Employment Opportunities

We currently have openings available for the following positions:

Director of Behavioral Health- *Loan Repayment Option

The Behavioral Health Director oversees the treatment of patients with emotional, mental, or psychological disorders. Manages and directs the activities of the behavioral health services department. He/she is responsible for overseeing and developing the Clinical department, including hiring, supervision, evaluation, and scheduling. Develops, plans, and implements strategies for program continuation and growth.

This position exists to provide dental hygiene/prophylaxis and oral health education to dental clinic patients.

The Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) provides on-site therapeutic services to all ages. The BHC will also act as Behavioral Health Therapist for a few hours each week.

This position exists to ensure efficient patient flow and excellent customer service. Provide dental and vision patients with information regarding appointments and services and ensure prompt collection of fees at the time of service.

Medical Assistant/LPN

This individual is responsible for assisting medical providers with patient care and performing laboratory functions.

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