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Employment At Southside

Southside is hiring! Interested in joining the team? Download a job application form from below, fill it out with your information, and email us at​.

Current Employment Opportunities

We currently have openings available for the following positions:

The RN will provide skilled nursing care, education, triage and case management for patients.

This position exists to provide dental hygiene / prophylaxis and oral health education to dental clinic patients. 

 The Mental Health Counselor provides on-site therapeutic services to all ages.  

The Licensed Social Worker acts as an advocate and helps clients gain access to resources while confronting personal issues, such as mental illness, addiction and abuse.  He/she will be responsible for providing excellent mental health care to patients.    

The Licensed Psychologist oversees the treatment of patients with emotional, mental or psychological disorders.   He/she will develop, plan and implement strategies for program continuation and growth.  

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