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About Southside 

The Full Story

Southside Community Health Services was founded in 1971 by three volunteers in partnership with Southside Ministries and Abbott Northwestern Hospital to provide compassionate, high quality primary care to underserved individuals and families in the South Minneapolis community.

Collaboration. Integrity. Consistency. Southside is a full-service care clinic committed to providing exceptional and comprehensive health services in a professional, inclusive, and culturally responsive setting. We offer a complete spectrum of outstanding care with services including medical, dental, vision and behavioral health. Southside ranks nationally in the top 10% as a Quality Leader for clinical quality outcomes.

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Who We Are

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Improving the health of our patients and communities by delivering exceptional care, removing barriers and promoting healthy lifestyles.


Every member of Southside’s communities has the opportunity to lead a happy and productive life, built on a foundation of good health.


We collaborate and share responsibility with each other and our patients.  We work together to achieve our mission and vision by ensuring the well-being of our community and providing continuous support. 

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